Whitening Pearl & Snowlotus Beauty Cream

Whitening pearl and snow lotus latinal smoother face cream make yourr skin smooth & soft & whitening

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1 botol RM20 + 1 Ketul Sabun Whitening Pearl And Snowlotus ( Sem M'sia)
1 botol RM25 + 1 Ketul Sabun Whitening Pearl And Snowlotus (Sabah/Sarawak)
1 botol RM45 + 1 Ketul Sabun Whitening Pearl And Snowlotus (Brunei)

Percuma Pos Laju

Pearl, a high quality ingredient, helps to strengthen a flexibility of your skin,high antioxidant, protect its moisture retention, lighten color tone and minimize pores.


The Snow Lotus, known in traditional Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant properties, shows its incredible vitality by producing white flowers despite the intensity of the sun at such high altitudes. Everything from the Snow Lotus, from its stems to the roots, are rich in ingredients. The ingredients from the petals of the Snow Lotus have the highest concentration for anti-aging and whitening properties.


The cream texture is smooth and soft suitable for pimple, blemish, and freckle. The cream combined with selective ingredients that would mainly provide a whitening formula for skin that gets easily dull and damaged. After using the cream, your face will look whitens, fresh, smooth and soft.

It also works with some darkening area on your body. You may use this product where needed area i.e. some of my friends have tested with their darkening area near their waist and elbow, it works! They are very happy about the result. For healthy face skin, regular use is recommended.



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